You will always need to book an appointment to see the doctor of your choice (subject to availability). One patient per appointment please. Appointments are allocated at 10 or 15 minute intervals please respect your allotted time.  A proportion of appointments both morning and afternoon are available to book in advance and the remainder of appointments saved to be booked on the day.  When the pre-bookable appointments are full and you wish to be seen on that day, in a morning please ring or call in at 08.30am and for afternoons at 12.00pm. Please arrive promptly as there is an appointments system in place and please cancel your appointment if you cannot keep it so it can be given to someone else in need.   Not attending your appointment is automatically recorded in your clinical records. If your doctor is away you will be seen by another doctor. Please let us have your Mobile Number - appointment reminders can be sent using the Text Messaging Service. Chaperones are available for appointments if required.  Please inform the Receptionist if you require a Chaperone.

Extended Hours: There are a limited number of pre-bookable appointments outside normal hours on a TUESDAY morning between 07.00–08.00hrs, the practice is NOT open for other routine services during this time.  Appointments are available for both a Doctor and Nurse/HCA(except during holidays or sickness) and must be booked in advance. please ask for further details.  This early session is not part of the usual opening hours and is subject to change.

Urgent Appointments:  If you require an urgent appointment you should call in or ring in advance, Reception opens at 08.30am. The urgency of your request will be assessed.

For an appointments: Call in or ring 01623 752295 or 752153

ONLINE BOOKING for GP appointments

Alternatively, you can book a GP appointment online using your username and password if you already have one, if you don't please contact reception who will be able to set one up for you.  please use the Green Link Button on the lower left-hand side of this page to book an online GP appointment.

Morning Appointments

  Mrs J Roby Dr Place    
Monday   08.30 - 11.30    
Tuesday 8.30 - 11.30 08.30 - 11.30    
Wednesday 8.30 - 11.30 08.30 - 11.30    
Thursday 8.30 - 11.30      
Friday 8.30 - 11.30 08.30 - 11.30    


Afternoon Appointments

  Mrs J Roby Dr Place    
Monday   15.50 - 17.40    
Tuesday 15.00 - 17.45 15.50 - 17.40    
Wednesday 15.00 - 17.45 15.50 - 17.40    
Thursday 15.00 - 17.45      
Friday 15.00 - 17.45 15.50 - 17.40    


Closed the Fourth Wed of the Month From 12.00pm for Training Purposes
* Thursday & Friday afternoons a Rota is in operation
We also have various appointments available with Locum GPs and Advance Nurse Practitioners (female) who are more qualified than a regular Nurse and can examine you, help with your problems and issue prescriptions. Speak to Reception to make an appointment.

When the surgery is closed if you need urgent care or advice contact the NHS emergency & urgent care service on 111 or in a critical  emergency situation Dial 999.  If you call the surgery number the answering message will also give you the 111 number to call for advice and help.

Your nearest Out of Hours Service is based at Primary Care 24 situated next door to the Emergency Care Department at the Kings Mill Hospital site.  Staff there will help and advise you during these times.

Extended Hours Evening Service - pre bookable only

- contact Reception to discuss 01623 752153